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This site is intended to inform the general public about advertising features and purposes of a Logo and the benefits offered by using it. On looking around this site, you will learn how to make the most of this foundational element for corporate identity and you find many instructions about the best way to think about a Logo. The person in charge of designing your logo is the graphic designer. He needs a lot from you to be able to do his job properly. Being informed about basic matters on the logo design, you will be able to offer the designer more concrete and specific ideas he could easily materialize through the tools he has. Besides, knowing the main designing issues, the job will be done more dynamically and easily since the designer you hire will not need to explain to you every single thing he suggests or why an instruction you are giving him is not advisable. For example, when you have already looked around this site, you and your designer will not waste time discussing whether making a 7-colour and 5-typography design is good or not, because you will know that that choice is never right. Of course, giving you a graphic designing or Logo designing course is not our aim: we are just going to consider main aspects that will help you think much more effectively about how you want your company to be represented. We must make clear that what you could learn on this website will never replace the knowledge and experience of the professional you hire; that is to say, the fact that you are more informed and that this helps to develop the project does not mean that you could disregard the designer suggestions, much on the contrary: he needs to be your best ally when creating your company corporate identity banner.

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This site is divided into thematic sections, each of them approaching a specific topic for the corporate logo design. We hope that you find in each of them the necessary information to think more efficiently about every main aspect of using a logotype as your company’s first representative before the consuming public’s eyes. To do this, you will need to carry out an intellectual exercise consisting on putting yourself on the potential customers’ shoes and be able to look at your Logo not only from the perspective of the owner of the company but also from the customers’ possible perspective. In What is a Logo?, we offer a complete definition of the Logo and its basic features. Logo and corporate identity is a section explaining the importance of the Logo as foundational and fundamental item for a company image before consuming public’s eyes and how the Logo can become a gimmick to get more customers on the market. In Types of Logos, we offer a description on the three types of Logos used on the market: logotype, isotype and isologotype. You can become familiar with all matters referring to the Logo, as regards slogan and brandslogan, in the section called Slogan and Logo. The advantage of using one font type or the other and how it can be changed by working on it as an image will be dealt with in Typography. In The Logo as sales generator, we will explain why this combination of image and typography makes good sales. And, lastly, in Uses of the Logo, we will see the precautions that should be taken if you are thinking about using the design not in usual media, like graphic media, personal cards, etc, but in other, more uncommon media, like uniforms or billboards, and we will also talk about the difference between printed and digital material.

You are welcome to this Logo design site and we appreciate your visit. We wish that you can find here all necessary elements to begin a project bringing about excellent results. We invite you to join us and look around this site intended for you.

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