Design Company Logo

In this section we will explain how the corporate Logo can increase your sales. This increase is due to two basic logotype features: its function as guarantor and its function as sales agent. Both functions are very different from each other and act differently.
The function of Logo as guarantor goes back to the way craftsmen used it to authenticate that their products belonged to them. This is valid nowadays when people look for this representative image of a company to make sure the product is a quality and supported product. Applying the Logo to company products makes the consumers feel somebody is being responsible for the product good working or quality and that if they are not satisfied with it or have any inconvenience, they will be able to demand the person in charge to solve it. Most of the times, people buy things they do not know much about and cannot realize on their own whether the product they have in front of them is good or bad. In these cases, the first thing the consumer looks for is the company logotype assuring him that he is buying something good because he is familiar with the brand name and not because he knows for certain that it is a quality product. The opposite effect also happens: a person finding a product he likes, a product he considers to be good, may choose not to buy it if, on examining it, it does not carry the Logo of the company it is made by. In this case, the lack of a sign leads the customer to think that NOBODY wants to be responsible for this product and this must be only because this is not a high quality product as he first thought. It is clear that many times people are not familiar with all brand names for a certain business field but they anyway look for the Logo. In these cases, people end up choosing the product because of the design presented by its Logo: if the design is a quality design, this quality will be automatically transferred to the product and if the Logo is ill-designed, the customer will transfer the design bad quality to the product he is wondering whether to buy or not.
On the other hand, the function as sales agent makes a Logo be desirable on its own. Certain Logos convey a message of quality, victory, fashion, success, etc to the person using it. It is very common for the consumer public to try to buy the Logo more than the product because it feels that “having” this Logo will improve its image before the others. In these cases, the Logo does not work as a device increasing product value as in the previous case, on the contrary, the product value exists because it bears a certain Logo. A classic example is clothes: think about how many people buy T-shirts with the Logo of Adidas, Nike or any other important and well-known company knowing that the T-shirt they are buying is not an Adidas, Nike, etc. T-shirt, it is not supported by them and it is not of high quality. However, nobody cares about that and they are happy to have a T-shirt carrying a great Logo on it.