Design Company Logo

The slogan is a phrase accompanying and identifying a certain advertising campaign and the brandslogan is the characteristic phrase of the company throughout the years. These two elements can be combined with the corporate Logo. Problems brought about by this union should be avoided.


Using slogan and corporate Logo altogether in a certain advertising campaign does not pose too many problems. In advertising campaigns, slogan and Logo can come together or separately. If they come separately, there is no problem at all; but if they come together, all necessary precautions should be taken to make it clear that this use of both elements together is only occasional and will not be kept throughout the years. Generally, the public does not tend think about the slogan and the Logo as coming together but as complementary items. However, this does not happen with the brandslogan in the same way.
The brandslogan is the phrase always accompanying the company, every time it appears, and this is why you should take into account the fact that the public may not consider the brandslogan and Logo as two complementary items but as two constitutive parts of the same item. The corporate Logo has to be long-lasting to be effective, its power lies there: in durability. There also the brandslogan power lies, but as a secondary feature: the actual brandslogan power is being a verbal, sound and catchy item helping your brand to be remembered. Companies do not change its Logo periodically because if they did so, it would not be remembered and would lose its persuasive power. On the contrary, the brandslogan is a more variable item. Even though both Logo and brandsolgan need time to be effective, each of them play a different role. The Logo is intended to represent the company through the years, as a distinctive and classic item. On the other hand, the brandslogan is used to represent the company but not as a classic item but as a device to adjust to new market trends. The brandslogan helps the Logo be kept as a classic without its company losing its ability to adjust to new public demands or going out of fashion.

That is why it is important that the brandsolgan is not carelessly used. If you wish your company to have a sound and catchy phrase representing it as the corporate Logo does, you will achieve a memorable effect on consumers’ minds but this will depend on the public believing Logo and brandslogan are the same. If that is the case, and you want to adjust your distinctive phrase to new trends, your Logo will be changed: because when people believe phrase and Logo are the same, if the phrase changes, the Logo also does. On the contrary, if you set the Logo apart from the brandslogan, you will have the chance to change your distinctive phrase to adjust to the market without any major inconvenience. However, if the phrase does not change, you will be losing an easily memorable and catchy item always accompanying your company Logo.