Design Company Logo

The Logo is the image representing a certain company, brand or product and distinguishing it from the rest. This image transmits a unique and distinguishing character that at the same time conveys a specific message. The logotype is to companies what signature is to people: it is a visual element guaranteeing and identifying. Specially on its graphic aspect, the Logo is the combination of images, typographies and colors constituting a particular message.

Throughout history, and since remote times, people have used visual elements to identify themselves and be distinguished from the rest. Beginning in prehistoric caves, researchers have found typical drawings for each group of people marking its cave to show it belonged to them. This identifying element has always had the dual purpose of representing us before the others and creating ourselves, aided by a material element (graphic, in this case) guaranteeing our uniqueness. Later, and with a somehow different aim, craftsmen started to signal their products using different symbols to show they have made them. Some ceramicists chose to leave their fingerprint on the bottom of their vessels to prove that they have made them. Other craftsmen chose to create a symbol identifying them (crosses, flowers, etc.) they would forge on the steel of swords or any material they worked with. Also kings used royal stamps to close official letters or sign documents to certify their authenticity. The real stamp became the security guarantee for those notifications made at distance and prone to forgery. In general, kingdoms, empires, or any government used representative images to show their control over certain territory or identify their respective armies through their banner. However, the use of the Logo to identify a product or brand has a shorter history. It was not until Industrial Revolution and serial and great scale product production that the image started to be used to represent a company and its products: an image certifying and guaranteeing that the product has been made by such or such company and it is completely supported by it.

Nowadays, Logo is the fundamental and foundational element for corporate identity: it is the element from where the other items come from and has to be adjusted to maintain a criterion. The purpose of this characteristic image for the company is to convey a clear message the company wants to be identified by. The logotype is the link between the company and the public and that is why it is so important: the Logo is a bridge and if it is broken, both parties become uncommunicated. This incommunication is translated into the fact that the public is not familiar with your company and it only means bad sales.
Given the industry proliferation and endless creation of new companies together with mass media, companies have increasingly stopped being a physical item to become an idea, a concept, an abstraction. Logo is here to repair that excessive volatility of the company on the consumers’ mind, giving the company and the public a material item to hold and be related to.